What to wear for family photos? 12 tips on dressing for family photos

What to wear for family photos? 12 tips on dressing for family photos

What to wear for family photos? 12 tips on dressing for family photos

Family photos are an important part of any family’s history. Whether you’re shooting black-and-white or photojournalistic, clothes matter. So what to wear for family photos? Below are 12 tips on dressing for family photos, provided by Wendy Magee.

What to wear for family photos?

What to wear for family photos?

What to wear for family photos?

There are so many different options, and it can be tough to decide. Here are some suggestions for what to wear for family photos:

  • Neutral colors play well with complementing colors, so you can mix and match accessories to create a stunning look.
  • Patterns like stripes, checks, or smaller, spaced-out floral patterns are classic choices for family photos.
  • Jeans and flats are also a good option, as they’re both comfortable and versatile.
  • Sleeves! A wise rule of thumb for family photographs is to always have your sleeves pulled up to your biceps. This way, you’ll reduce the chances of any unsightly wrinkles taking place in your shots.
  • Tailored clothes are best for family portraits because loose clothes wrinkle easily. So if you’re trying to avoid looking too snug in your clothes, go with something fitted.
  • Well-protected, closed-toe shoes are essential when capturing outdoorsy photos. They help guard against inclement weather and provide enhanced balance during the shoot.
  • Layers. You will have no time to fuss with taking off your clothes once you get to the photo session, so layer up! A couple of tanks under a fitted blouse will do the trick.
  • And finally, don’t forget some fun accessories! A couple of brightly colored flowers or toys can help add some life to your photos and make them feel more personal.

If your photograph depicts people, look at what they are wearing, as fashion can be a very useful indicator of when it was taken.

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Kids’ clothing suggestions

– Tight-fitting clothes are not ideal for kids’ photos; they will often show wrinkles and creases. So go with something fitted, like jeans or leggings.

– Kids’ clothing should be brightly colored and fun to help them look their best. For boys, consider wearing a collared shirt and dress shoes; for girls, add some bling with trendy earrings and a high-waisted skirt.

– Certain accessories can be great for kids’ photos as well—think hats, sunglasses, and furry animals. Just make sure they are safe to wear around a camera lens!

– Conceal your diaper stash! Diapers are conspicuous in photographs and may not be the ideal showcase for what you have to offer.

Family photo outfits to avoid

Family photo outfits to avoid

Family photo outfits to avoid

What not to wear to a photo session:

  • Today’s unfitted t-shirts may be the trendiest thing going, but their lack of tailoring and puckering is sure to come through in pictures.
  • Avoid high-waisted jeans, which will make you look pregnant.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that emphasize your curves; instead, opt for a more comfortable style.
  • Avoid bright colors; they can be too jarring and attention-grabbing in photographs.
  • Avoid wearing shoes with heels; they will only make it difficult to balance yourself while taking the photo.
  • Logos or graphics might be interesting, but they could make the rest of your outfit look bad.
  • Ball caps are not recommended for family photos; they can make you look like a pirate or gangster, and they can obscure your face.
  • To avoid displaying any bare skin or bra, strapless tops, also known as halter tops with straps, are categorically discouraged.
  • Initially, the notion of wearing cargo pants seems approachable. However, in practice, they often come across as haphazard and unkempt.
  • White or black only.
  • Velcro sandals are an ill-advised choice for photo shoots. The material is quite delicate and can easily become muddied, resulting in an unsightly appearance on camera.
  • Snuggies.
  • Hoodies and beanies. They’re both warm and cozy, but they’ll likely obscure your facial features and make it difficult to take good photos.
  • Short dresses are flattering, but they can often be too short or tight for family photos. Try dresses that are ankle-length or longer.
  • Slippers can make your feet look sweaty and gross, and they’re difficult to clean afterwards.

So, these are some tips for what to wear for family photos! There’s a look for every personality and style, from quirky to formal.

12 tips on dressing for family photos

12 tips on dressing for family photos

12 tips on dressing for family photos

Prepare clothing

Planning your clothing in advance reduces stress. When dressing youngsters, options are always good.

Texture matters

Textures add visual interest and dimension to an outfit. Use pieces with different textures to bring out different features of the person in your photo.

Aim for coordinating rather than matching colors

Family photo colors are tricky. Coordinate colors first. Without matching outfits, your family can seem disjointed. That’s too similar. Choose a color palette and use complementary hues to get a more natural effect. Choose two major colors and add softer hues to complete your color scheme.

Home decor matters

Family picture outfits should match your house design. Make sure your outfit matches your home’s color scheme, as some of these images will be on display for a long time.

Consider location

The venue of your family photoshoot might help you pick what to wear. Are you on the beach with neutral tones or under a tree with brilliant fall foliage? Outfits should match the setting. Choose clothing colors that match your background.

Choose your wardrobe colors by season

Seasonal colors, weather, and landscapes should be considered when choosing outfits.

Choose an all-season outfit

Holiday portraits are popular for families (when the kids are home from school and everyone is in the same place). Santa hats and props for family photos may seem like a good idea over the holidays. These photographs should be shown year-round. Avoid seasonal accessories.

Plan by laying out everyone’s clothes

This will help you see how the components will look together. This will help you determine what works. In this manner, you can make sure you have all the necessary clothes.

Choose timeless ensembles

If all else fails, choose classic family portrait costumes from your closet. You want timeless photographs. Trends change, but photos last.

Enjoy styling your family

The clothes you choose say a lot about one’s personality and values. Make sure all members of your family are wearing clothes that fit well and are comfortable.

Keep an eye out for clothing collections

Clothing collections are often a great source of inspiration. Look at what other families are wearing and see what might work well for you.

Dismiss characters

Even if you love your son’s Toy Story costume, there’s no reason to change the family picture. Characters emblazoned across shirts can be unwieldy, like patterns; they simply detract from an image.

Autumn family photo outfits

Autumn family photo outfits

Autumn family photo outfits

Autumn styling suggestions:

  • Layers are key for autumnal attire! Also, wearing layers allows for a quick change of clothing.
  • Use the fall’s colorful leaves to your advantage and let them influence what you wear.
  • To give your images dimension, use autumnal accents. Imagine bulky scarves and fashionable boots.
  • For fall family portraits, plaid shirts are a common choice of apparel. Consider outfitting a few of your members in this appropriate-for-the-season pattern.

Autumnal color schemes:

  • Denim with Tan
  • Brown with Maroon
  • Denim, Yellow, Crimson
  • Navy, Tan, Cream

Clothing suggestions for a winter family picture

Clothing suggestions for a winter family picture

Clothing suggestions for a winter family picture

Winter styling suggestions:

  • Winter’s lower temperatures make some fantastic accessories possible for your family shots. Consider coats, beanies, and scarves!
  • Sweaters are excellent photo props for holiday family gatherings. The girls should wear identical cable knits, and the boys should wear collared shirts with a jumper over them.
  • Use identical jammies in some of the photos for a lovely holiday twist.
  • With a holiday-appropriate bright red lipstick, you may add a splash of color to your ensemble.

Color schemes for winter:

  • Crimson, Tan, Denim
  • Red, Grey, Black
  • Navy with Crimson
  • Glitter with White

Ideas for spring family photographs

Ideas for spring family photographs

Ideas for spring family photographs

Spring fashion advice:

  • Floral patterns are fantastic for spring. Choose decorative items with your favorite blossoms.
  • Bright colors will make your springtime family photographs stand out.
  • Children’s hair bows are the ideal springtime accessory and a fantastic way to keep hair out of their eyes.
  • Take advantage of the nicer weather and wear skirts rather than dresses while shooting family pictures.

A color palette for spring:

  • Blush with Teal
  • Blush with White
  • Navy, Yellow, White
  • Light Blue, Tan, White

Clothing ideas for a summer family picture shoot

Clothing ideas for a summer family picture shoot

Clothing ideas for a summer family picture shoot

Summertime style tips:

  • For your summery photographs, choose more jovial hues.
  • Use lace, lovely sheers, and delicate cotton. Clothing that is light and airy is also ideal for the summer heat.
  • For the boys, gingham designs, and for the girls, summer outfits.
  • Avoid trying to appear too formal during your summertime photo shoot. Consider donning your sandals and having fun on the beach. You’re likely to capture some natural moments!

Combinations of summertime hues:

  • Orange with Teal
  • Light Blue, Tan, White
  • Tan with White
  • Blue, Green, Yellow

Beachwear for the family photo

Beachwear for the family photo

Beachwear for the family photo

On vacation, especially at the beach, is another well-liked time to get family photos taken. Again, it’s not ideal to insist that everyone in the family dress alike, such as in all-white shirts. Instead, wear blues and greens with coral accents while lazing on the beach.

FAQs What to wear for family photos?

What color should I wear for family photos?

When it comes to capturing pictures outside, any “natural” color that fits in with the earth or neutral hues (black and dark navy/brown/gray) are always a good idea. Try looking through your closet for matching white and tan items if you’re having trouble finding anything.

What should I wear for a family photoshoot in studio?

The best advice is to wear comfortable, neutral attire.

Where can I shop for clothing for family photos?

There are a few places you can go to get outfits for family photos. Clothing for all seasons and events can be found at department stores, catalogs, and online merchants.

Which clothing looks the best in photos?

Choose solid, quiet colors like earthy tones, muted jewel tones, monochromatic, beige, and taupe.


So, there you have it! Some tips for what to wear for family photos on robinchavez.com. Avoid seasonal accessories and dress your family in matching colors and clothes to seem good on camera.

Laying out everyone’s clothes ahead of time will help ensure that everyone has the right clothes, no matter how many people are in the photograph. And finally, dressing simply and timelessly will always look great.

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